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Finance & Accounting 

Finance and Accounting is the backbone of any business and its potential growth that is sometimes overlooked. Our network contains thousands of open-minded and capable professionals able to deal with ever changing economic environments. The Old Windsor processes and methodologies help identify the top professionals on the market, by partnering with our clients to understand the business and its requirements.  Our goal is to ensure the recruitment of the highest quality professionals able to deal with a number of different level stakeholders and shareholders within the business.


Our specialist recruiters are ready to supply the best talent in: 

  • Financial Control

  • Management Accounts 

  • Business Accounts 

  • Human Resources 

  • Payroll

  • Reporting and Auditing

Blockchain Technology 

+44(0) 1753 208 950

Software Development

Global Projects 

Information Technology 
Investment Banking 
Greenfield Projects 

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