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Investment Banking 

IT Systems and Networking 

The Old Windsor Group have built lasting relations with many Tier 1 Investment Banks and Hedge Funds in IT Systems and Networking over the years. Our Consultants and Engineers are experienced to deploy a wide range of systems to suit any client's needs for both temporary and permanent requirements. We also work closely with start-up funds and can design solutions involving a handful of servers to global infrastructures spanning hundreds of servers. Relying on our key company values along with results driven processes and methodologies enables The Old Windsor Group to consistently deliver robust IT Systems and Networks staffing. 


Our recruitment professionals are dedicated to delivering the best talent for:

  • System Infrastructure 

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Data Center Migration, Virtualisation & Consolidation

  • Database Administration

  • High Frequency/ Low Latency 

  • Systems Administration 

  • Project Managment 

  • Business Systems Analysis

Software Development 

Software Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have changed the way banks do business across every department. Old Windsor Group has a wide network of software professionals from all areas of software development. Whether you are developing a new in-house product or tool to aid the business or refactoring an existing product we are confident to find the right global talent for the job!


Our specialist consultants are confident to supply the best talent in: 

  • Front Office 

  • Cybersecurity 

  • CRM and Database 

  • Cryptocurrencies/ Block Chain

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 

  • Heuristics  

  • Market Data

  • Cloud 

Financial Control 

In any Investment Bank, Financial and Product Control is the backbone that is sometimes overlooked. Our network contains thousands of open-minded and capable professionals able to deal with the ever changing economic environment. The Old Windsor processes and methodologies help identify the top professionals on the market, by partnering with our clients to understand the business and its requirements.  Our goal is to ensure the recruitment of the highest quality professionals able to deal with a number of different stakeholders within the Investment Banks, from regulatory teams and the front-office to product control.


Our specialist recruiters are ready to supply the best talent in: 

  • Financial Control

  • Product Control

  • Macroeconomics & International Trade

  • Financial Markets

  • Risk 

  • Treasury 

  • Reporting and Auditing

Trading and Research 

The Old Windsor Group Front Office Trading and Research network has never been so strong! Partnering with many different Systematic and Prop Trading Firms and Asset Managers over the years has not only fueled our interest and experience with front office requirements but have given us some great success stories! We understand the process of hiring traders can be stressful and lengthy due to the large amounts of capital at risk. We have perfected our process of managing both client and candidate expectations throughout the recruitment process, while establishing lasting relations, in a market where the talent is undeniably the key! 



Our specialist recruiters are ready to introduce the best talent in: 

  • Systematic Trading 

  • Prop Trading 

  • Algorithmic Trading 

  • Low-Mid Frequency 

  • High-Frequency Trading ​​

  • Quant Research/ Development 

  • Cryptocurrencies 

  • Trade Support 

Blockchain Technology 

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